Bahamas Map

Map of the Bahamas

700 islands and 2,400 cays stretch across a map of the Bahamas that is over 800 miles long, though they only cover a land mass roughly the size of Connecticut. Bahamians inhabit just thirty, and one - New Providence - is home to nearly two-thirds. Most of these misshapen spots on the map of the Bahamas are connected by shallow seas, or Baja Mar, from which the country derives its name. Swimmers, fishermen, and snorkelers enjoy hundreds of yards of shallow sandy-bottom as a result. It is estimated, in fact, that nearly 75% of the map of the Bahamas lies underwater; the islands are merely mountain plateaus that have manage to break the surface. Snaking in and out of the map of the Bahamas are countless coral reefs, including the second largest in the Northern Hemisphere. In addition to providing homes for a diverse spectrum of tropical marine life, these reefs and the clear blue waters surrounding them attract scuba divers from all over the world. There are a number of locations dotted throughout the map of the Bahamas for the strict beach bum as well: soft white and pink sand rink the island coastlines.

Map of the Bahamas (click map to enlarge)

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