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Restaurants in Bahamas Islands

Bahamas food gets the spotlight it deserves at many restaurants in the Bahamas islands, which also cover an international spectrum of tastes and styles. The native cuisine here relies heavily on seafood, naturally, caught fresh off shore and enhanced with the best local flavors. Chefs pride themselves, in fact, on Bahamas food never being considered bland, so prepare your palate for some unique spices and ingredients at restaurants in Bahamas islands. Case in point: meat from the Conch mollusk is a favorite Bahamas food and is served up almost every way imaginable, including raw and as a deep-fried fritter. Another fun particularity of restaurants in Bamahas islands are customized cocktails, rum punches made highly individualized according to each bar's special recipe. This has become somewhat of a competition between restaurants in Bahamas islands - don't be surprised if the bartender asks for your opinion.

Restaurants in Bahamas islands range widely in culinary style, but be sure to try some of the following spots which specialize in authentic Bahamas food and drink:

Chat & Chill
Folks here do just as the name of the restaurant suggests, which serves up the most famous Bahamas food with a twist - conch burgers grilled over an open flame. In Georgetown, Great Exuma Island. No phone.

Mama Lyddy's Place
Residents on New Providence have made this homey spot their place true-to-the-core Bahamas food. In Nassau. Tel: 242-328-6849

An exotic menu and elegant décor make this one of the most popular restaurants in Bahamas islands. In Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco Island. Note: Sundays and Mondays. Tel: 242-367-2047

These are the best of the "rest", or restaurants in Bahamas island serving non-Bahamas food:

Buena Vista
This fine dining establishment has been serving Continental cuisine for over fifty years. In Nassau. Note: Closed Sundays, does not serve lunch. Tel: 242-322-2811

Rainbow Inn
People will go to great lengths to have dinner at this casual American eatery, famous for its rib and steak nights. Lots of great Bahamas food is serve here too. In Hatchet Bay, Eleuthra Island. Tel: 800-688-0047

The Landing
Restaurants in Bahamas island usually feature a bit of everything, but few bring it together like this romantic inn. Have breakfast or dinner here overlooking the harbour. In Harbour Island. Tel: 242-333-2707 or 242-333-2740

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