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Bahamas Vacation Rental - Security & Health

Security and health concerns should be minimal if you are staying at a Bahamas vacation rental. The area is generally considered safe, but guests of any Bahamas vacation rental should take normal precautions as they would everywhere else. For example, if your Bahamas vacation rental is equipped with a safe, it is advisable to leave any large sums of money or valuable there rather than bringing them with you when touring for the day outside of your Bahamas vacation rental. Similarly, cash and travel documents (i.e. passports and airline tickets) shouldn't be left unattended at the beach during your Bahamas vacation. Rental cars should be kept locked. Most travel advisories will also warn against making obvert displays of wealth while in the towns outside of your Bahamas vacation rental.

Though water here is considered safe to drink, it is a good idea to keep some bottled water on hand at your Bahamas vacation rental as a provision. Otherwise, the only health concern you should encounter while staying at a Bahamas vacation rental, one that is often overlooked, is overexposure to the sun. Many visitors from North America and Europe underestimate the strength of the Caribbean sun, but long hours outdoors at a beach or merely just sitting on the veranda of your Bahamas vacation rental can lead to sunburn and sunstroke without adequate sunscreen. It is best to work on your tan slowly in shorter intervals, and avoid long hours without shade.

Medical care should always be within easy reach of your Bahamas vacation rental. There are modern health facilities in both Nassau and Freeport, but emergency services are available from all hotel, resort, and Bahamas vacation rental locations. The Bahamas has even set up an emergency telephone number for tourists to dial if they feel in distress: 242-326-HELP.

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