Bahamas Telecommunications

Bahamas Telecommunications

The Bahamas telecommunications system is up to date and efficient, operating in much the same way as the systems of North America. The islands' service provider is BATELCO, whose cards are needed to operate local pay phones and can be purchased at most tourist centers and convenience stores. Personal calling cards can also be used at Bahamian pay phones; after dialing zero an operator will place to call for you using your card number.

It is easy to keep in touch from Bahamas villa rentals by owner. Phones at Bahamas villa rentals by owner are able to place both local and international calls, the latter made easier with the use of a calling card from a major telephone company. To call the United States or Canada from Bahamas villa rentals by owner, just dial 1 plus the area code and number. The Internet is also accessible from some Bahamas villa rentals by owner, though internet cafés are located throughout the Bahamas where this option is not available.

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