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Transportation - Bahamas Rental Cars

If you're staying on one of the larger islands of the Bahamas - New Providence, Andros, or Grand Bahama - a Bahamas rental car may prove to be the easiest way of getting around. Public transportation and taxi service is available on most major islands, but only by car do you get the flexibility to tour whenever and however you want in the Bahamas. Rental agencies are spread throughout the larger towns, with the highest concentration in Nassau and Freeport. You'll find both internationally recognized agencies like Avis and Hertz as well as many local companies offering Bahamas rental cars here.

To secure a Bahamas rental car, drivers must be at least twenty-one years old and have a valid driver's license. Visitors can apply for an international license, but may use the license from their own country for up to three months. Bahamas rental cars come in all shapes and sizes, from compact to minivans and trucks, and most will feature air-conditioning to combat those hot and sunny days. Be forewarned that your Bahamas rental will be equipped for left-hand driving, as British rules apply on all roads here - it is advisable to drive defensively in your Bahamas rental while you get used to the new situation.

You may want to rent a bicycle or scooter as an alternative to Bahamas rental cars. These can be found at tourist centers in the more popular island towns, and are a great way to enjoy the warm Bahamian breezes first-hand.

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