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Bahamas Fishing & Diving

Bahamas Fishing & Diving

Clear waters and the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere rank Bahamas diving and snorkeling among the world's best. Every island here offers at least one variety of Bahamas diving - including wall, cave, and wreck dives - and organizing an excursion is easy with the amount of dive operators available. Certification is necessary before any Bahamas diving can take place, but most operators include these lessons in with a dive package for beginners.

Bahamas diving locations are famous the world over, and weighing your dive site options can be difficult. There are more than enough fabulous Bahamas diving locations just in the Nassau area (where dive operators are also the most plentiful), but limiting your Bahamas diving experience to just one area would be a mistake. Here are some of the better known Bahamas diving spots to choose from:


The Wall: Experienced divers will love this 3,000 wall of living creatures. The Thunderball Reef: Bright coral formations and schools of tropical fish call this reef home, a relatively shallow Bahamas diving location that's great for scuba and snorkeling enthusiasts alike. The reef has also starred in scenes from several James Bond movies. The Mahoney Wreck: The remains of this early 19th century ship are a must-see for Bahamas diving of all calibers. Fish of all shapes and sizes swim among its scattered pieces. Shark Arena: Located just above a beautiful coral wall, this feeding site usually attracts more sharks than any other Bahamas diving locale.

GRAND Bahama:

Dolphin Dive: One of the most unique Bahamas diving experiences, divers feed and interact with dolphins in the open water. Theo's Wreck: Sitting in 100 feet water, this coral-adorned sunken freighter is one of the best known Bahamas diving excursions around. Ben's Cavern: This more advanced Bahamas diving environment is part of the Lucayan Caves National Park.


Dog Rocks: If you're looking for fish, this spot is among the best Bahamas diving reefs.


Nodules: This is Bahamas diving for the fit and energetic, a wall of sponges, coral, and deepwater sea fans. Bimini Road: This reef dive is so-called because of the mysterious rectangular stone slabs that seem to mark a roadway along the water's sandy bottom. Some speculate it forms part of the lost city of Atlantis. For Bahamas diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, it's just a great dive.

Bahamas fishing also has a great international reputation, especially the deep-sea and bonefishing varieties of the sport. Amateurs and experts alike have many Bahamas fishing options to choose from, and just about every island is set up to organize a Bahamas fishing charter for a day out on the water. Boat excursions for Bahamas fishing average B$650 for deep-sea and $250 for bonefishing per day, including crew and equipment. Visitors looking to do a little Bahamas fishing need to apply in person for a fishing permit (costing $20) at any port of entry before setting out.

The Bimini Islands are ideal for just about any type of Bahamas fishing, but their waters are best known for their big game catches like marlin and tuna. The islands are located in the middle of the Gulf Stream, a convenient deep-sea area promising some of the biggest catches in Bahamas fishing and an even bigger story to tell.

Bonefishing is the name of the game in the Andros Islands, where the most popular type of Bahamas fishing involves trolling along in pursuit of the wily game. A year-round activity, bonefishing takes place along the islands' shore-hugging flats, inside of the barrier reef that encircles much of the Bahamas. Fishing in this way requires lots of patience, with long periods of waiting culminating in a primal struggle between the fisherman and his prey.

The Exuma Islands offer up a little bit of every kind of Bahamas fishing, including deep-sea fishing in Exuma Sound, fly-fishing, and trolling in the reef and flats closer to shore. Bahamas fishing connoisseurs gather here frequently for tournaments, including an international competition held every July 4th at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

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